You must understand how the human body works before you build or animate it. Order your membership today.


Search our database to start understanding the human body and how researching it can help you easily understand the biology and physics of humans.

Sharpen your animation skills and land high paying animation jobs. With the popularity of movies and games has led to enormous employment growth and high salary levels. Traditionally, animation courses come from either art departments or computer departments and lead to jobs specialising in these aspects of the work. With your members you can learn various techniques to start animating custom charators and land a high paying animation job.
Learn the following subjects with your Membership:
• Human Anatomy
• Human Reaction
• Human Motion
• Human Behavior
• Human Geometry
• Human Facial
• Human Emotion
• 3D Human Geometry
• 3D Human Body
• 3D Human Face
• 3D Human Legs
• 3D Human Eyes
• 3D Human Feet
• 3D Human Mouth
• 3D Human Hair
• 3D Human Ears
• 3D Human Head
• 3D Human Muscles
• 3D Human Skin

• 3D Human Fluids
• 3D Human Vertex Weight
• 3D Human Head
• Human Animation
• Human Waving
• Human Jumping
• Human Riding
• Human Interacting
• Human Laughing
• Human Talking
• Human Smiling
• Human Emotions
• Human Motion Range
• Human Motion Tracking
• Human Collision Detection
• Human Sign Language
• Human Kinematics
• Human Running

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