What is 3Dhuman.com?
3Dhuman.com is one of the first websites that provides their members with the information that years ago was not accessible to them. The records and information that 3Dhuman.com provides for you, as a member, is information that can be found no where else. This organization has been created to allow you to find the information that you need for your business or personal use. By taking advantage of this search system you are bounding yourself to the terms and conditions of this website.

What data does 3Dhuman.com Provide?
By using the 3Dhuman.com data and record search you are standing at the doorstep full of information. 3Dhuman.com provides their members with the ability to go through many tutorials. 3Dhuman.com has accumulated all of these tutorials and guides for you.

What applications does your service cover?
Our database service is one that offers tutorials and information for people living in the United States, Canada and the UK. These are the three main countries but the information is of universal global usage.

What can I do with this data?
There are many different uses that you can take part in with the information you have found here. The number one use is learning the basics and a is great review for more professional designers and animators. No matter what your purpose, 3Dhuman.com has the information you need.

What if I am not completely satisfied with 3Dhuman.com?
If you find that you are not completely satisfied with your 3Dhuman.com membership, 3Dhuman.com offers their members a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 56 days of your purchase. Any time up to and on this 60th day you can refund your 3Dhuman.com membership purchase and receive 100% of your money back.

How do I register?

Please visit the registration page HERE to register for unlimited access.

If you have read all of the FAQ's above and your question has not been answered, please click here for our Support departmen


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